Exams are coming up; I’d better start studying.

Desk stacked up high, and intentions still higher,

If only I had a good mug of tea,

Imagine the learning I could accomplish,

But now with my cup of tea, my feet are cold,

Some socks would be handy

And an extra layer or two

Now I’m swaddled against the cold and distractions

Or so I think, until I’ve finished my drink,

And the teabag reminds me of some amazing paintings I saw done with tea

And being me

I just happen to have a paintbrush at hand.

I’ll just give it a quick dab, then get back to it when I’m not so busy

Studying for exams,

And I end up with a neat little brown-stained landscape, smelling of tea,

And now just a quick dash to rinse the paintbrush when I glimpse my

bedraggled hair, so exchanging one brush for another

I subdue my hair, and scribble down my idea for a hair-brushing invention to perfect later,

decide to braid my hair studiously out of the way so it won’t

distract me when I start studying in a moment,

A good tight french braid only takes me a couple tries,

Then I sit down, realise my notes are horrendous,

and spend the next two hours getting them into chronological order, and rewriting the page I used for my tea landscape.

Exams are coming up; let the studying begin.


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